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Veca Dış Ticaret A.S.

Ferro Alyaj

VECA success is due to continuos investment in research and development Technologies such as Ferro Alloy Plant, thus VECA provides engineering design, manufacturing equipment&components for Ferro Alloy Plant, technical assistance, consulting services including complete of supervising services for erection and commissioning and also production management with experienced staff during operation period of  Ferro Alloy Plant. (FeSi , FeMn , FeSiMn , FeCr etc.)

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VECA provides mainly a full range of
equipment of Ferro Alloy Plant such as:
•Submurged Electric Arc Furnace and Auxiliary Equipment
•Casting System
•Fume Dedusting System
•Additive Material Handling System
•Water Cooling System
•Mining Grinding Preparation & Packing of
Product System
•Electrical and Automation System