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Veca Dış Ticaret A.S.

Rolling Mill

VECA designs , manufactures and supplies rolling mill and rolling mill equipment from furnace to packing and bundling area.

Reheating Furnaces
•Pusher Type Furnaces
•Walking Beam Furnaces
•Walking Hearth Furnaces



Rolling Bar Mill
•Horizontal & Vertical Rolling Mill Stands
( Housingless / Classical Stands)
•Convertible Mill Stands
•Universal profile mill stand
•Rolling Gearboxes
•Pinch Rolls
•Shafts, Shaft Holders
•Loopers (Vertical / Horizontal)
•Rolling Guides
•Crop Shears
•Flying Shears
•Quenching Systems
•Cooling Bed

Packing and Bundling Area
•Cold Shears
•Exit Roller Ways
•Chain Transfers
•Binding Machine
•Straightener Machines