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VECA STEEL which is a subsidiary of VERGİLİ GROUP has been active in iron and steel industry since 1965. VECA STEEL caries out the procurement, commissioning and operation services of the technological equipment required for the installation of turnkey Meltshops (with arc furnace or induction furnace), Rolling Mill and Ferro-Alloy production plants, by manufacturing the relevant equipment in its workshops in Karabük city according to any kind of requirement by investor.

VECA STEEL has become a source of pride of our country and key player of the iron and steel industry during the years along with its completed turnkey projects and services of plant renovation in domestic and international market, in Umman and Jordan in Middle East region, Algeria in North Africa region, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Iran in Asia, Romania in Europe.

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Ve-Ca Steel

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Rafet Vergili
CEO & Founder